The Promise of Blockchain

The Promise of Blockchain ISBN: 9781946197115 Prestige Publishing by Jason Schenker.

Sub-titled “Hope and Hype for an Emerging Disruptive Technology”, the book contains the usual Preface and Introduction followed by 18 Chapters describing, explaining and discussing Blockchain, it’s pluses and minuses, Bitcoin and assorted other cryptocurrencies for which it functions as ‘an engine’. The 18th chapter suggests eventual evolution of Quantum Computers (Subject of his next book already published and reviewed), a Conclusion chapter, an Appendix covering a glossary of terms used in the book that will no doubt be new to many, About the Author, Rankings, About the Publisher and Disclaimers.

Discussion: The author believes that his presentation is necessary because of the amount of misinformation, or incomprehension of it, that seemingly exists among individuals in the world of commerce today. Thus he offers this material: “For those strategists, economists and futurists who wish to be tech savvy without catching tech fever.” The explanations are enlightening, caveats well founded and all is most credibly set forth by a man eminently qualified to provide the material. The only disappointing feature of the book, possibly from this reader’s perspective alone, is the reader frequently being informed during the chapter discussions that more will be provided in a future chapter. The complexity of the subject under discussion is understood, but would more judicious editing have been able to provide a more cohesive presentation with less repetition of material?

4* 5* comments; -1* perhaps for this reader alone – see question.