Vicious Ripples

Vicious Ripples: A suspicious Thriller (The Desire Card Book 4) Kindle Edition eBook ISBN: 9781685491390 copyright and written by Lee Mathew Goldberg.

Story opens with the brutal kidnapping of the daughter of a divorced couple travelling from the Central Park apartment of one parent to the other. The story then begins with the introduction of Detective Monica Bonner who has just transferred into the area from the Northwest of the country. From this opening the reader is introduced to a most unusual plot, that hinges on a basic power struggle among the rich and powerful Hollywood characters whose names all readers have been acquainted with for many years. The kidnapped child is not part of the scene, per se, but is the granddaughter of a seemingly still powerful part of the overall picture and is the present victim. Monica is an introspectively psychological involved individual whose idiosyncrasies perform perfectly for the role she plays in the tale. The entire unit of presentation is as suggested, set forth as a Book of Desirable books, this volume is the fourth.

Discussion: A well-written, uniquely thought-out and plotted fantasy thriller, beautifully but most unusually characterized. Specifically, the weight of discussion appears to concentrate upon presenting evidence or even vicious aspects of personality exhibited by well-known and/or remembered celebrities. Another noteworthy item: the reader may have benefitted by reading the entire series in order. However, all is sufficiently clear so reading this individual volume alone leaves nothing to be desired. A most interesting read especially from the unusual psychological aspect.

5* especially for readers who enjoy unusual thought patte