Pop Smoke

 POP SMOKE Palmetto Publishing eBook ISBN: 9781641119788. A Memoir Copyright and written by Bill Lindsay.

   Overall, the author has written a book that anyone with no knowledge of what the Marine or Army foot soldier endured daily in combat situations must read. It is a simply told presentation of facts dealing with how bodily functions occur and must be dealt with as time and the occurrence of deadly circumstances simultaneously must be dealt with. The author has set forth the facts of this type of warfare in a unassuming manner that the reader is aware of only if he/she reads the account thoughtfully.    

   Discussion: This entire book is a thoughtfully and empathetically written book by a man who was recruited while in college and exhibited the same empathetic attitude toward his Platoon during his entire term of service. It also provides many interesting additions for the reader only vaguely familiar with much of the Vietnam Conflict. It provides a verbal explanation of the country and those associated with it; a glossary of terms for the uninitiated; a manner of looking at the ‘cost’ of war from several different aspects and it describes the author from a different aspect than usually presented. Overall, a must read for any person interested in this portion of our history but additionally a description of warfare from the perspective of the foot soldier.

5* A must read for reasons presented.