The Gypsy

The Gypsy: A Romantic Thriller so designated by the author T.  J. Jones. Assumed published, copyright and written by the author

This is an unusually presented volume that opens immediately with a prologue describing the protagonist’s situation tied in a torture chamber, being provided a possible means of escape by “The Gypsy’.

From this and ensuing action, the story expands as the reader is introduced to and learns about (Adam) Cain, the protagonist who seems to function in a somewhatsecondary capacity, his girlfriend Jenny, and brother Jack, The Gypsy, whose forte is stock, bond and similar negotiations and the ‘round-about manner in which her name has been coined. Other characters gradually appear and lead the reader to surmise some type of uprising is being planned by an international group that is attempting seriously destructive caos.

All the characters exhibit interestingly emotional instability that leads to fascinating situations and the Gypsy gradually evolves to be a most interesting notable part of a significant international family that long has functioned ‘behind-the-scenes’ as well as being the main ‘love interest’ in the story

Summary: As the author describes, this is a Romantic Thriller, but perhaps  not one that may be thought of in the usual manner. It might be described as ‘tough’ love.

Highly recommended as a ‘different’ Romantic Thriller.


Jenny lost girlfriend.  Gabriel (the Gypsy) so called because she has had a tremendous run on the Market. He is emotionally incapable of sincerely dedicating his relationship to a particular woman. 10 years in Army, just barely honorable discharge allowed him to obtain ‘Permit-to-carry’ and a job as a security officer in Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Mother died when he was 12. Father missed her but as Navy ‘Lifer’ was never home. Raised by Grand mother but had left for Army. Adam Cain goes strictly by Cain. Chapter introduces Cain, 2 introduces Gypsy. Chapter 3 all hell breaks loose as four gunmen with Ak-47’s start shooting. Chapter introduces the l\Local Law and the story evolves.