The Coin

The Coin (a reissue of the Elymais Coin) is a thrill-a-page quest for a rare ancient coin. Filled with twists and turns across an international landscape, lovers of well-plotted fiction with well rounded characters, fast-paced dialogue, and exotic locations will find that this new novel truly fulfills its promise of a ‘great read’.

With an unforgettable cast, readers will be drawn into the twist-filled story and will meet unforgettable characters like Jassy the beautiful, wealthy and provocative wife of multi-millionaire collector James Weston whose parties are known for their surprise endings – including murder. There’s the handsome Cy Lane, former attorney turned elite private investigator. Lane is part guerrilla warrior and part cat burglar, and as every woman who meets him will attest – he’s all man and hired to find a three thousand year old coin first struck to commemorate the rule of a mighty Persian king. Finally, there’s the exotic and mysterious Natasha Drobanovich whose charms tempt our hero into bedrooms from New York to Paris unwilling to let him out of her sight or out of her arms. But is it the man she longs for or the million dollar antiquity?

The story plays out on a breathtaking international stage as Lane chases intricate and deadly dangerous clues from New York, Paris, Andora, Spain, Morocco and Mexico. Yet every time Lane gets close to the coin his mission is undermined by a vast cast of menacing characters a shadowy middle easterner, a rabidly anti-Muslim bishop’s acolyte, members of the Mafia, the CIA, and finally the U. S. Attorney-General.

Who will live and who will die? Who will love and who will lose? And will the coin be found or will it remain hidden for another three thousand years? The last chapter will reveal all.

The Coin is written by award winning author John H. Manhold, whose own life story of international adventure parallels that of the main character Cy Lane. Manhold is a true Renaissance man. A sculptor, competitive golfer, gun aficionado, international traveler, former (military) officer, and pathologist, Manhold has experienced the places and events he writes about, especially the inner working of the Muslim characters. This is an author who truly writes what he knows and the result is an action-filled novel that will appeal to both men and women whether they are reading it on the beach or in an airplane crossing the continent.


It won the finalist award in the INDIE National Excellence Competition beating out competitors in the mystery and suspense category. That convinced me to buy the book. And having read it I understand why it won the award. The Coin is really rich. It is so evident that the author really knows his stuff. The description of the ancient coin and how the world moved from barter to currency in ancient times is fascinating. If this was a history lesson it was one that was just as exciting as it was informative. But there’s more. The descriptions of Muslim culture and locales are so true to reality that I was actually transported to the desert described in the book. This book is believable in every sense of the word and that makes it a memorable read which I have already recommended to all the book-lovers I know.William R. Wheeler 5 Stars Amazon

THE COIN (Reissue of THE ELYMAIS COIN in e-book)
If you like adventure, mystery and suspense laced with a generous dollop of sex and international intrigue this is one book you won’t want to pass up. Great value for the money – as good if not better than many books by more famous authors that are much more expensive – a great deal!  Mark Kaye 5 Star Review Amazon

Midwest Book Reviews
“The Elymais Coin Manhold is knowledgeable of not only Middle East politics and geography, but also of world geography. His tale is not so much suspenseful as is a “chase” surrounding the coin, with lots of lovely descriptions of various locations, restaurants, and food. Bravo!” Midwest Book Reviews.

The Elymais Coin…..a James Bond thriller which is a little more like the real world.
“The Elymais Coin” – I would recommend it to all that enjoy a James Bond thriller which is a little more like the real world.” William Phenn for Reader Views (

The Elymais Coin as a holiday gift! Amazon 5-star review
“The Elymais Coin” unfolds like a well-constructed Chinese Puzzle revealing depths of research and insight into ancient history and our 9/11 world. I would highly recommend “The Elymais Coin” as a holiday gift!” Amazon 5-star review.