The Tom Brady

The Tom Brady by Alex Diaz. Football Biography Books Published, copyright and written by the author

This book, sub-titled The Best Story of Tom Brady – one of Football’s Greatest Quarterbacks is typical of the importance attached to athletes who are elevated to heroic status by segments of the American public. Tom was not a particularly outstanding choice in his first draft and more specifically was selected very late in the draft at a very high number. He has since reached heights in Football not previously attained by other quarterbacks. This book details his growth and accomplishments through his entire life as a young man growing up in California along with discussions and instructions with respect to ‘what makes a good quarterback especially in the school system as it is set forth and utilized today.

Discussion: The author is an individual heavily involved in teaching the fundamentals of the game as provided in the modern system and attempts to illustrate the fundamentals required for an individual to reach the height of attainment exhibited by Brady. The lessons provided along with the changes that have occurred within the game are employed here to explain his hypothesis.  In general, the presentation is acceptably provided and sets forth the author’s point to use a particular high achiever to demonstrate the results he is attempting to explain. Unusual but acceptable presentation of particular facts about one superior athlete’s attainments to simultaneously explain the necessities of teaching modern football.

4* Unusual presentation using an outstanding athlete’s accomplishments in reaching a controversial position.