El Tigre

EL Tigre was John’s first novel. It is the multiple-award-winning saga of a Prussian aristocrat in the post- Napoleonic Era that follows Johann Heinrich von Manfred from his entrance at 10 years of age to the Military Academy, through his ensuing travels and adventures in France, the Pyrenees, Spain, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Old California. He saves the leader of a gypsy band, fights for Carlos, the Pretender to the Spanish Throne, helps Houston free Texas, saves the life of a Spanish Don, marries the daughter, participates in the Mexican War and discovers gold in the turbulent days of the ’49 gold rush to establish the second bank in San Francisco.

The action is fast and the romance is tender.


A.C. The Peoples Media Company – Louise Harris, Review Editor….. I found El Tigre so captivating at times that I didn’t know what parts were fictional or true accounts. At times I got lost in the life of Johann Heinrich von Manfred and thought he was real.

John Taffin, Columnist for Gun Magazines – …..El Tigre is a grand read and Manhold now joins L’Amour and Kelton as my favorite storytellers.

Cal Eilrich, Publisher/Editor, Gunslinger’s Gazette…. It has been a long time since I have read such a thoroughly entertaining novel that kept me on the edge of my easy chair wondering what was going to happen next. It left me wanting more. I highly recommend this book.

Paul Krause, Prescott, AZ…. “Thank you for introducing me to such a rich character as El Tigre. And I thought the story telling was captivating. I couldn’t help but think of all the Louis L’Amour books I read many years back.

Amazon – 5 Star review by Mel Kligman, Sarasota, FL….”…particularly impressed by the scope of historical research, from Indian tribal differences to gold mining, included seamlessly into the narrative.

Beth Donahue, NMWBethDonahue@aol.com This is a book that I sat down to read and ended up devouring the entire book from first page through the last.    I was sorry when the story ended.  It was an excellent read and I honestly can’t make any suggestions or comments other than to say I loved all the words written on each page.  It is a well crafted story.  I think this was more of a “man’s story,” because of the fighting and battles, but as a woman I enjoyed the story, the romance, and the historical information. Manhold wrote an amazing story that can be enjoyed by each gender as well as those who don’t normally read historical novels. In Manhold’s bio it states he is 88 years old and this is his first novel.  He writes a really good story.  The characters are believable and I could picture them in my mind feeling I knew them personally.  There are just enough locale descriptions and the information on the Native American Indians was terrific.  I even liked the print type on the page!

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