The Accelerated Saver-Investor Pathway to Wealth

The Accelerated Saver-Investor Pathway to Wealth assumed published copyright and written by Alexander Lawrence.

Sub-titled “A powerful New Rapid Wealth Building System for Average Income Earners the book presents: Legal Notices that include the copyright declaration and a disclaimer. Next are detailed Acknowledgements, an Introduction which proceeds to explain the Purpose of the Book as “eight life-changing goals we can adopt implement and achieve by development of a MASATERPLAN” with 4 Strategies to develop them. A Table of Contents that sets forth a List of (15) Chapter titles followed immediately by another List of Chapters providing contents, specifically: Chapter [1] Mindset: Strategy; [2]: Motivation Gurus: Strategy;; [3]: Money Technicians: Strategy; continuing through Chapter [14]: Fire: and final Chapter [15]; Summary which opens with an Index of the subjects to be included, expanded and/or further discussed.

Discussion: The author is fully aware of the “monumental mass of personal finance data and advice published in old media print books, magazines, journals and newspapers and projected in the new media digital technology channels…” as well as social media and other sources Thus. his attempt here is “to simplify this abundant, ‘managing your money’ and ‘wealth-building’ information – so that it’s easy to grasp” and to present “the best money management and wealth-building system possible – in terms of ease, efficiency and outcome.” He further explains why he references and includes the writings of eight individuals recognized by their peers as important authors whose works are collectively considered to be essential to understand in any serious money management and wealth building system.

This is a very long book that contains a mass of pertinent material that requires time to read. However, the author’s objective appears to have been accomplished. He has combined the material in a well set forth, somewhat lighter presentation than often encountered and has included abundant graphics and quotations.

5* Lengthy read but author’s ‘mission accomplished’. Recommended.