The END of an ERA

This is NOT a review, but rather an Addendum that has been added to the recently published book – The END of an ERA

     Note! So much has occurred within the relatively few months since delivery of The END of an ERA to the publisher (Nov. 2021 to now Feb. 2022) with respect to the direction the U. S. appears to be heading. The long associated attendant politics to decide who is to direct the country’s direction has always been regrettable, but particularly if rising to a position of dominance. Today, those dwelling in the U.S. constantly are assailed not only by the obvious differences exhibited within the party handling the direction the country is heading but also by chaotically diverse ideas on what to do to correct concerns exhibited by the entire population of the country with respect to a number of subjects – civic matters, policing within cities, inflation and shortage of gas, food and other supplies, the lack of enforcement of existing immigration rules along with associated policing problems, voting rights, education, and even a large amount of distrust of the country’s legal system and its practitioners all of the way up to and including the Supreme Court. Health experts including those of the CDC and World Health Organization seem to fare no better. Worst of all perhaps, is that much of the unrest and actual fear seem to be generated and even exacerbated by the open discord so prominently displayed by members of the political party in charge of the direction the country now is headed.

The way of life that has been forged within the United States of America is too valuable to allow to disappear.  BUT, to regenerate its health, it may well be necessary to reexamine and even reinstall much of the thought and activity patterns that brought the country to the pinnacle of success it had reached. And yes, the thought of any regression to these “ancient” patterns of the beginning of the last century certainly are an anathema to the more recently arrived generations and their newly invented utensils that already they have ‘set in stone’ as the way to proceed. And yes, the ‘old’ mores are antiquated and require modifications, but certainly should not be rigidly denied a consideration when attempting to find a solution.

Why not at least reexamine some of the ideas set forth and utilized by the dwellers of the early part of the last century?  A brief “Addendum” to this book “End of an ERA is offered here to suggest a few features that in the first third of the preceding century appeared to be very effective to produce a most satisfying result for the ‘good of the country as well as for the individual’.

The book’s Introduction sets forth several examples of activities that are heralded as some of the problems “for which no one seems to be able to find an answer”.  Could simply adopting the mannerisms (manners?) of members of those who dwelled in the earlier days of the last era do wonders at correcting many? Let us look briefly at just one, the irritatingly dismissive attitude of large store workers purportedly hired specifically to be helpful to the shopper, or the AI chip incorporated to aid the telephone caller. What has happened to empathy? Are there any true professionals in today’s workforce? A true Professional is anyone professing an ability to perform a specific function in a particularly adept manner for compensation. Many claim this title but perhaps could use another observation.  Would not he/she gain immensely if exhibiting a better work ethic that will demonstrate an ability to perform at his/her top level in a disliked position until able to reach the level/type of work wished to be performed? If the situation includes dealing with people, courteously listening with empathy and understanding, if necessary, and not only listening but hearing what is being said. Actually it may go far in gaining the time and importance of the bottom line that has become the Holy Grail of the business world.

Readers should give serious thought to the existent possibilities because simple changes could provide answers to todays searched for questions and aid in restoring the States as “One great Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All” as it was known in the first third and somewhat beyond, of the last century and envied by the world.

(Book submitted to publisher, and published in July 2021.  Addendum written February 2022 and recently published. John H. Manhold.)