The Collaborators


The Collaborators first published 2020 by Cassiopeia Publishing copyright and written by R. P. Nathan.

The author cleverly has divided this book into two parts; 1. Day into Night and 2. Night into Day with the significance not truly discernable until close to the very end of the presentation. The story itself is that of the Nazi occupation of France replete with descriptions of the brutally cruel treatment of villagers as the army searched for Jews being hidden by them. It particularly depicts the activity of Karl, a Nazi army Captain and two of his detachment who have been with him through his campaign in Russia previous to this assignment as he performs under the approving eye of his immediate supervising Major. As the story unfolds, it also details much of his earlier life – a close friendship and secret love for a beautiful French university student, Céline, and the third member of this close triangle, an accomplished Jewish Athlete against whom he constantly competed and who also was in love with, and favored by, Céline. Now just a short time later, Germany and France are at war and Karl, along with his accompanying invaders are employing their inhumanly cruel tactics in searching the neighborhoods for hidden Jews, and Céline and her family as they hide her now Jewish fiancé 3rd member of the old closely related triumvirate and his family, are directly in their path.

Discussion: The author quite adeptly has employed the remembrances of several characters to explore factors of good and evil as they affect basic morality, love and loyalties developed through years of learning and the struggle provided when faced with duty to country, personal honor and perhaps even survival that require action totally contrary to long existent already thoroughly incorporated attitudes and beliefs. The author has set forth a most introspective thought-involving study in a fictional setting. The tale contains only one scene that provided a questionable moment for this reader, but may be an individual thought feature of this reviewer and thus, overlooked by most.

5* Cleverly written fictional tale that should provide introspective material for thoughtful readers.