The Gypsy

The Gypsy: A Romantic Thriller so designated by the author T.  J. Jones. Assumed published, copyright and written by the author

This is an unusually presented volume that opens immediately with a prologue describing the protagonist’s situation tied in a torture chamber, being provided a possible means of escape by “The Gypsy’.

From this and ensuing action, the story expands as the reader is introduced to and learns about (Adam) Cain, the protagonist who seems to function in a somewhatsecondary capacity, his girlfriend Jenny, and brother Jack, The Gypsy, whose forte is stock, bond and similar negotiations and the ‘round-about manner in which her name has been coined. Other characters gradually appear and lead the reader to surmise some type of uprising is being planned by an international group that is attempting seriously destructive caos.

All the characters exhibit interestingly emotional instability that leads to fascinating situations and the Gypsy gradually evolves to be a most interesting notable part of a significant international family that long has functioned ‘behind-the-scenes’ as well as being the main ‘love interest’ in the story

Summary: As the author describes, this is a Romantic Thriller, but perhaps  not one that may be thought of in the usual manner. It might be described as ‘tough’ love.

Highly recommended as a ‘different’ Romantic Thriller.


Jenny lost girlfriend.  Gabriel (the Gypsy) so called because she has had a tremendous run on the Market. He is emotionally incapable of sincerely dedicating his relationship to a particular woman. 10 years in Army, just barely honorable discharge allowed him to obtain ‘Permit-to-carry’ and a job as a security officer in Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Mother died when he was 12. Father missed her but as Navy ‘Lifer’ was never home. Raised by Grand mother but had left for Army. Adam Cain goes strictly by Cain. Chapter introduces Cain, 2 introduces Gypsy. Chapter 3 all hell breaks loose as four gunmen with Ak-47’s start shooting. Chapter introduces the l\Local Law and the story evolves.

Vicious Ripples

Vicious Ripples: A suspicious Thriller (The Desire Card Book 4) Kindle Edition eBook ISBN: 9781685491390 copyright and written by Lee Mathew Goldberg.

Story opens with the brutal kidnapping of the daughter of a divorced couple travelling from the Central Park apartment of one parent to the other. The story then begins with the introduction of Detective Monica Bonner who has just transferred into the area from the Northwest of the country. From this opening the reader is introduced to a most unusual plot, that hinges on a basic power struggle among the rich and powerful Hollywood characters whose names all readers have been acquainted with for many years. The kidnapped child is not part of the scene, per se, but is the granddaughter of a seemingly still powerful part of the overall picture and is the present victim. Monica is an introspectively psychological involved individual whose idiosyncrasies perform perfectly for the role she plays in the tale. The entire unit of presentation is as suggested, set forth as a Book of Desirable books, this volume is the fourth.

Discussion: A well-written, uniquely thought-out and plotted fantasy thriller, beautifully but most unusually characterized. Specifically, the weight of discussion appears to concentrate upon presenting evidence or even vicious aspects of personality exhibited by well-known and/or remembered celebrities. Another noteworthy item: the reader may have benefitted by reading the entire series in order. However, all is sufficiently clear so reading this individual volume alone leaves nothing to be desired. A most interesting read especially from the unusual psychological aspect.

5* especially for readers who enjoy unusual thought patte

Pop Smoke

 POP SMOKE Palmetto Publishing eBook ISBN: 9781641119788. A Memoir Copyright and written by Bill Lindsay.

   Overall, the author has written a book that anyone with no knowledge of what the Marine or Army foot soldier endured daily in combat situations must read. It is a simply told presentation of facts dealing with how bodily functions occur and must be dealt with as time and the occurrence of deadly circumstances simultaneously must be dealt with. The author has set forth the facts of this type of warfare in a unassuming manner that the reader is aware of only if he/she reads the account thoughtfully.    

   Discussion: This entire book is a thoughtfully and empathetically written book by a man who was recruited while in college and exhibited the same empathetic attitude toward his Platoon during his entire term of service. It also provides many interesting additions for the reader only vaguely familiar with much of the Vietnam Conflict. It provides a verbal explanation of the country and those associated with it; a glossary of terms for the uninitiated; a manner of looking at the ‘cost’ of war from several different aspects and it describes the author from a different aspect than usually presented. Overall, a must read for any person interested in this portion of our history but additionally a description of warfare from the perspective of the foot soldier.

5* A must read for reasons presented.

The Tom Brady

The Tom Brady by Alex Diaz. Football Biography Books Published, copyright and written by the author

This book, sub-titled The Best Story of Tom Brady – one of Football’s Greatest Quarterbacks is typical of the importance attached to athletes who are elevated to heroic status by segments of the American public. Tom was not a particularly outstanding choice in his first draft and more specifically was selected very late in the draft at a very high number. He has since reached heights in Football not previously attained by other quarterbacks. This book details his growth and accomplishments through his entire life as a young man growing up in California along with discussions and instructions with respect to ‘what makes a good quarterback especially in the school system as it is set forth and utilized today.

Discussion: The author is an individual heavily involved in teaching the fundamentals of the game as provided in the modern system and attempts to illustrate the fundamentals required for an individual to reach the height of attainment exhibited by Brady. The lessons provided along with the changes that have occurred within the game are employed here to explain his hypothesis.  In general, the presentation is acceptably provided and sets forth the author’s point to use a particular high achiever to demonstrate the results he is attempting to explain. Unusual but acceptable presentation of particular facts about one superior athlete’s attainments to simultaneously explain the necessities of teaching modern football.

4* Unusual presentation using an outstanding athlete’s accomplishments in reaching a controversial position.

My Life in the Wilderness

My Life in the Wilderness. An Alaskan’s Story by Robert L. Hilliker. Written and copyright by the author in 2016. Ebook version published by Alaska Dreams Publishing (First eBook publication May, 2016. Print version ISBN: 978-0692642634 by author).

This is one man’s story beginning with his hopes and dreams of living in Alaska in some of the early days. After a number of preparatory moves educating himself in the ways of the early Mountain Men and concentrated activity in practicing these activities, he was ready to make his move. Now a middle-aged man with a family, he embarked upon a first year-long attempt beginning in December 1980 for a sojourn in Alaska. This gradually progressed to the establishment of life as his preferred way of living with a new family, personal construction of a home and a lifetime of satisfaction.

Discussion: This is an interesting tale describing many of the features of Alaska from the trip up the Alaskan Highway into many different parts of the intriguing land by “a normal work-a-day man who was able to realize his dreams by sheer perseverance.” The story is simply written and loaded with activities about which most people only dream. There is much repetition and or redundancy, but acceptable because of the occurrences in different settings and involving different individuals. The book is not for everyone, but especially of interest to readers who think about unusual places, participate in ‘specialized fun groups’ and even dream about actually making the same ‘break-from-reality’.

5* Of special interest to readers noted.

Operation Africa


Operation Afrika. The Destroyers WWII Thriller Series Book One. Published, Copyright Sapere Books. Written by Charles Whiting.

This is the tale of a special group of British raiders led by Mark Crooke, a maverick/idealist born in 1911 and educated at Sandhurst with many changes leading to Lt. Col. 1941 after losing an eye and gaining a Victoria Cross Medal for his participation in an unsuccessful raid to remove the Nazi General Rommel. A year later, Court-martialed for insubordination and demoted to 2nd Lt. and returned to Egypt to head-up a group of misfits variously including a London Cockney, a Texas drifter who fought against Pancho Villa and in the Spanish War, former members of various Foreign Legions, a German escapee from Dachau and a Muslim, many with earned Military Medals, but most importantly, all had no future beyond their present assignment because all were recipients of military designated misdemeanors including murder.  They were a collection similar to one publicized and popular American Cinema that brought forward a move, originally believed to be initiated by Winston Churchill – an offer “deletion of Military records if surviving participation successfully in ‘lost cause’ action against the enemy. Their assignment now was to stop the movement of the Nazis straight across Africa to the Suez Canal and into Egypt, an action that would greatly affect Great Britain’s Empire.

Discussion: a well-written, high-octane Thriller replete with characters who constantly generate empathic understanding. This is a tale that devotees will find difficulty in laying down for even a few moments. It also presents most fascinating material with respect to the huge desert arena in which the action occurs.

5* highly recommended for the devotee plus interesting associated material

L.E.O.: The True Stories of Lt. Wayne Cotes.

l..E.O.: The true stories of Lt. Wayne Cotes ISBN: 9781983947332/EBook ISBN: Not assigned. Published in U.S. by Kindle Direct Publishing. Copyright 2018 by Jerold Cotes. Second Edition. Written by Wayne Coates.

As stated by the author, these true stories are a collection of anecdotes, conversations, remembrance’s and other features recalled from more than 30 years of service as a police officer. The service began as a “Rookie” directly after serving in the Marine Corps and progressed upward gradually through the years to retirement as an Officer in several positions of importance until retirement – his activities not only were policing the inhabitants of an area of the city, more specifically as a member of the community in which he lived as resident of one of the large housing developments of the district in one of the lower scale districts inhabited by drug users/dispensers, prostitutes and similar.

Discussion: The author has set forth a fascinating collection of widely divergent stories containing humor, varying amounts of activity and conversation with and among ‘street people’ as well as with other police officers while involved interactively among themselves and with these ‘street people’. A small number of them probably would be better understood by readers with more ‘insider’ information, but generally it is well-written with noted apologies to his editor for ‘errors’ within himself.

4* Pleasant, enjoyable series of short stories.



AFRICA BITES Scrapes and escapes in the African bush ISBN 9781515015987 Lloyd Camp Consulting Surrey, UK written by Lloyd Camp.

The book opens with a helpful comparison of distances and weights and closes with a similarly helpful epilogue, glossary and About the Author. Between, the story is presented in PART I Safari Scrapes and Part II. Early Escapes. The stories included in the first are a collection of delightful, but often seemingly somewhat foolhardy, encounters between humans and wild animals, beautifully arranged by the author who depends upon his knowledge of these creatures of the wild to satisfy a long-held desire of visiting travelers that they have mentioned or he  empathetically has discerned. All are fascinating and most poignant, but one particularly in this reviewer’s opinion, particularly long will be remembered.

Part I presents a collection of the author’s coming-of-age perilous activities as a young boy growing up in South Africa.

Discussion: An Epilogue and About the Author are quite informative about the status of Safaris and the amazing individuals who presently function in the capacity of guides these days. The difference between today and those of previous times is quite remarkable as no doubt, are the pictures conjured-up by the thoughts provided by the individual giving such a trip passing thought, or perhaps actually considering such a journey.  One feature which may be somewhat annoying to some readers is the amount of descriptive redundancy.

4* but highly recommended for readers who enjoy described features.

Rise of the Tiger

Rise of the Tiger a modern air combat novel published, copyright and written by Mike Solyom.

The story is set largely in the eastern Malaysian peninsula ending with the city of Singapore as the Caliphate’s assembled mighty army descends to capture and control the city and eventually entire world. Still worse is his anticipated employment of a potent nerve attacking chemical to effect this ultimate control beginning with Singapore. The only true source of defense against the oncoming monster is the presence of semi-modern military aircraft, and these provide an almost non-existent threat once Lt. Col. Alexander Kui of the Royal Malaysian AF is shot down and captured. At this point, the reader is introduced to American Fighter Pilots Lee Chennard and Danny Hilton, who are assigned to a covert CIA unit where pilots who have made blunders against important controlling individuals in Washington. Lee’s offense was by reporting a clandestine act detrimental to the U.S. by a senior advisor to the President. Other new assignees were because of similar activities. Anyway, it’s a manner of chastisement until the lesson had been learned and they could return to active duty. The trouble with the unit was that they had no planes to fly. That is until Lee Chennard went to work. This material gradually is revealed and a fascinatingly conceived plot with numerous turns and twists begins to be delivered and appears to be on its way to providing the initiation of another series of thrillers now directed toward revelation of the many complicated and spectacular events associated with modern air combat.

Discussion: The author, as a twenty plus Air Force Pilot followed by other stints of government programming for flyers, perhaps has set forth a tale which is a little slow beginning, and retains considerable redundancy and repetition, but appears again to have provided the basis for another fascinatingly enjoyable series.

4* But highly recommended.

Catching Currents

Catching Currents: A Frontier Historic Colorado Story ISBN: 9798607893484 Mountain Track Publishing copyright and written by Kari August.

The reader is given to understand that this is a fictional account of a true story by this popular author demonstrating the significance of differences between the cultural restrictions with respect to women’s’ activity in the western part of the developing United States and those rigidly imposed in the east. The story begins in1897 following the lives of Sally and her brother Will when they are transposed from Boston and its long existent strict codes for ‘proper’ conduct among women especially within certain classes of society. The changes are set in motion through contact with Caroline, raised on a Colorado ranch with her brothers Teddie and part American Indian Bear whose home is a large ranch supplying specifically bred horses to requests from widely scattered sources. But more than a tale of these mores of the time it is about the numerous changes within the period and a literal smorgasbord of inter-association of nationalities and levels of station in life ranging from English ‘cockney’ to those of extreme wealth such a Stanley Steamer, inventor of the automobile similarly titled and those of high position such as President Teddy Roosevelt. And of course, a series of interesting love stories.

Discussion; The tale takes place largely in Estes Park, Colorado and includes facts and features of history, lengthy discussions of politics, attitudes in general, women’s rights, elevation of important features of nature and establishment of laws for their protection, as well as development of numerous inventions of the period often presented in amusing format. This is a most charming read with characters that beseech empathy. This is a story that at times extends further than required, but still is recommended reading and perhaps most specifically, because it provides an interesting picture of a period of history from several individual aspects.


5* Fact based Historical novel, Recommended.