Interconnectivity: Flow and Balance

Interconnectivity, FLOW and BALANCE ISBN: 9780578202662 Organizational Soul, Ltd. copyright and written by Yvette Bethel.

Sub-titled: A Values Based Framework for Achieving Sustainable Growth in Uncertain Times, this book, after an Introduction explaining who can benefit from this book and how to use it to get the most out of it, is written in 3 major parts containing eighteen chapters. Part I contains seven, presenting the basic components for understanding her Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance (IFB) Model. Part II, is comprised of chapters eight through eleven and provide the material necessary for Establishing Your Pillar of Trust. Part III, contains chapters twelve through eighteen that provide the essential elements required to formulate IFB BY DESIGN. A Bibliography, End Notes, a Glossary of terms used, About the Author and a list of Other Products by Yvette Bethel conclude the book.

Discussion: The author is a Fulbright Scholar who has progressed to be recognized as an “advanced emotional intelligence practitioner” and who, after twenty years’ service in a Fortune 500 Company, founded her own consulting firm offering help to organizations encountering difficulties in the constantly changing milieu of today’s business transactions. In this book she has examined in quite minute detail the large number of ways emotional elements can affect those involved in business proceedings and in turn, their effect on the proceedings and eventual outcome of a transaction. The material can be of utmost value to numerous business operations. From this reader’s perspective, the only undesirable feature of the book as presented, is the overabundance and repetition of minutia even though frequently couched in different terminology and settings. The basic material is excellent and will provide numerous elements that involve personnel in ways they often may not recognize. Nevertheless, it would seem that judicious editing would provide these important lessons in a more easily read form that would speed an otherwise rather ponderous read.

3*       5* extremely helpful material; 3* for ponderous presentation.