Book of Advice

Book of Advice, an e-book assumed to be published, copyright and written by Avishai Maimon.

This offering subtitled “All About Life’s Cycles: Love, Faith, Healing, Challenges, Self-esteem, Aging, Happiness and Successes” is a small book by a man with “extensive knowledge and experience regarding massaging techniques, stretching and magnetic therapy”. Since “Massage Therapists hear and listen to all of the problems in the world” he seems to have developed into a sensitive and thoughtful individual who empathizes and equates well with his patients and others. This is one of several written or ‘about-to-be-written’ books he believes will help his anticipated audience and states “I wrote this book for those who in need of guidance, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.” Following the disclaimer and acknowledgements, the book consists of 13 chapters each containing a series of brief statements largely providing ‘uplifting’ thoughts with respect to the many areas listed. There is no expansion about what actual steps a reader might take to pursue the thought. The apparent idea is simply to provide a momentary ‘lift’ to one’s depressed attitude. A perhaps interesting observation from this reader’s perspective is the author’s remembrance and presentation of a few relevant observations made by an older patient who seemingly had developed a successful way of life.

Discussion/Conclusion: A simplistic presentation of mind elevating thoughts without follow-up suggestions for the reader who can benefit from receiving such a momentarily delivered ‘pick-up’..

4* Probably helpful for a particular type of reader.